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One Donation,

Endless Impact.

Turn your one-time donation into a lasting impact for those in need.

There Must Be a Better Way.

Many charities rely on asking for donations repeatedly to fund their programs and initiatives. While this approach has been effective in generating revenue in the past, it is becoming increasingly challenging to maintain a consistent funding stream. Donations can fluctuate unpredictably, leaving charities without the resources they need to sustain their long-term programs and initiatives.

Helping Today, Tomorrow & Beyond.

By investing in Umma Farm, donors have the opportunity to generate a self-sustaining revenue stream that supports their chosen cause for years to come, making it easier for donors to support their favorite charities in the long run.

Land: A Path to Sustainable Charity

We believe in creating sustainable solutions to support important causes. That's why we invest in parcels of land for olive and alfalfa farming to create a self-sustaining revenue stream. By dividing the land into four parcels, we generate funds to support education, malnutrition, water access, and orphans. With your donation, you can help us achieve our goal of providing a long-lasting, positive impact on these communities in need.  Join us in investing in a brighter future for all.

Make a Difference today.

Overview of the Land.

Umma Farm is a sustainable agriculture project on 381 acres of land, with a positive impact on neighboring communities through sustainable farming practices and generating income for charity funds chosen by donors.

1,000 Acres

The 1,00 acre land has been divided into 4 phases, each measuring 250 acres.

250 Acres Parcels

Each parcel is designed to support sustainable agriculture practices, including crop rotation and conservation tillage.

High Return

The parcels are available for investment by charities, providing a unique opportunity to generate a steady stream of income while supporting sustainable farming practices

Cultivating Diversity: Alfalfa and Olive Fields.

Each parcel is divided into two fields: a circular center field measuring 75 acres and four corner fields measuring a total of 20.4 acres.

The center field is designed for the cultivation of alfalfa and is laid out in a circular shape to facilitate irrigation with pivots. This efficient layout ensures maximum use of water resources and minimizes wastage.

The four corner fields are less suitable for irrigation using pivots, so they are planted with olive trees instead. This requires less irrigation and adds variety to the crops grown on the parcel.

We listen to your objectives to understand exactly what you and your end-users need.

How your
Donation Makes a Difference?

Umma Farm is divided into four parcels, with each generating revenue for a specific cause. Choose the cause that resonates with you and watch your donation make a real difference.

Education Fund

Build schools and support teachers in underserved communities.

Malnutrition Fund

Provide nutritious food for families and children in need.

Water Access Fund

Bring clean drinking water to communities lacking access.

Orphans Fund

Support orphans with essentials like food, shelter, and education.

Make a Difference today.

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The benefits to partnering with us.

How Does it work?

Umma Farm is a sustainable agriculture project that allows donors to invest in parcels of land to generate income for specific charity funds. Donors can choose the cause they wish to support, and their investment will generate a steady income stream that supports the chosen cause.

How does Umma Farm ensure sustainable farming practices are implemented on the land?

Umma Farm has a team of experts in sustainable agriculture who work with local farmers to implement best practices for land management, water conservation, and crop rotation. The goal is to ensure that the land is used in a way that promotes long-term environmental and social sustainability.

Can I choose which charity fund my investment supports?

Yes, donors can choose which of the four charity funds they would like to support with their investment. Each parcel of land generates revenue for a specific cause, so donors can choose the cause that resonates with them.

Is my donation in Umma Farm tax-deductible?

Yes, Umma Farm is a registered charity, so donations made to the project are tax-deductible.

What happens to the income generated from my donation?

The income generated from each parcel of land is used to support the specific charity fund that the donor has chosen to support. This could include funding for education programs, healthcare initiatives, or other community-based projects.

How long will my donation in Umma Farm last?

Umma Farm is designed to be a lifetime investment, with the goal of generating sustainable income for charity funds over an extended period of time.

Get in touch, let's work together for a sustainable Future.

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